Electrochemistry, acid-base chemistry, synthesis and characterization of TCNQF and TCNQF2-based materials – A comparison between four derivatives TCNQFn (n=0,1,2,4)

2017-03-03T06:03:09Z (GMT) by Vo, Nguyen Thang
This thesis examines the redox and acid-base chemistry of TCNQF and TCNQF² in acetonitrile in comparision with those of TCNQ and TCNQF₄. The results describe a linear relationship between the number of fluoro substituents and the redox potential as well as the stability of TCNQFn and their anions. The disproportionation of TCNQFn- in the presence of Zn²⁺ in this study assembles that of TCNQ and TCNQF₄, however, the reaction rates is diverse. Transition metals complexes (Cu⁺, Ag⁺, Co²⁺, Ni²⁺) with TCNQFn (n =1-2) were synthesized eletrochemically and characterized. Different voltammetric behaviors have been observed, which wasn’t detected in systems containing TCNQ or TCNQF₄ implying a significant substituent effect of fluorinated substitution in the system.