Distancia, A Measure of Intimacy

2019-10-09T04:31:15Z (GMT) by CAMILA MARAMBIO
For a decade, Ensayos has existed as a nomadic research program through which artists, scientists, academics, and locals study the ecopolitics of Tierra del Fuego, the archipelago at the southernmost tip of the Americas. The program’s art and cultural outcomes include exhibitions, lectures, performances, publications, and now a web series, titled DISTANCIA. As the founding curator of Ensayos I spend a considerable amount of time relaying stories about the complex web of entangled environmental problems that Ensayos uncovers and why they matter. This thesis, which encompasses the web series DISTANCIA (the practice-based component) and the accompanying exegesis, explores the role, value and ethics of mediation, translation and curatorial practice in place-based transdisciplinary work.