Didong: Pentas Kreativitas Gayo

2020-01-29T23:50:15Z (GMT) by M. Junus Melalatoa
English translation of book title: 'Didong: Gayo creative stage performance'. Didong, a traditional vocal art of the Gayo people, is performed by men who sing poetic lyrics as they sit (often cross-legged) on the floor and often accompany themselves with body percussion. Includes verse in Gayo language. Published in Jakarta by Yayasan Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan dan Yayasan Obor Indonesia Bekerja sama dengan Yayasan Sains Estetika dan Teknologi in 2001.

This book is held by the Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU) as part of their Lance Castles Collection. Please contact MAMU to view the book.