Development of a Predictive Model for a Thermophilic High-Rate Anaerobic Reactor for Stable Operation, Consistent Effluent Quality and Biogas Production

2019-02-07T03:48:06Z (GMT) by HUI MIN TAN
Palm oil industry generates large amount of palm oil mill effluent (POME) which is highly polluting. With tightened regulatory discharge standards and requirements for biogas capture, ponding systems became less effective to handle high POME generation loads. High-rate anaerobic digesters under thermophilic condition are proposed for POME treatment. However, this system currently lacked proper monitoring and control scheme to ensure stability of the system. Suitable prediction model for the treatment system is essential to allow earlier process disturbances to be identified, allowing immediate rectification before reactor failure. Predictive model developed also allows enhancement of system stability for maximum biogas production.