Developing a practice framework

2017-06-02T01:15:54Z (GMT) by Matthews, Audrey
This paper will outline the key elements of my professional identity, giving the reader a portrait of how I will operate as a social welfare worker. My practice framework includes a discussion of the values of social justice, accountability, transparency and congruence which I feel strongly about. Included is an evaluation of postmodernism, systems theory and anti-oppressive theories, three theories which have best informed my practice, and how these theories were revised, modified or confirmed (O’Connor, Wilson & Setterlund 2003:217). Issues such as the influence of the medical model in welfare work and the use of principles similar to those used during the time of the stolen generation posed a challenge to my practice on placement. I have discovered my professional identity is shaped by my belief that change is possible and can occur. I have identified closely with critical social work practice and a reflective approach.



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