Demoralisation as a novel construct for postnatal mental health

2018-03-28T23:11:47Z (GMT) by IRENA BOBEVSKI
Demoralisation is a psychological state characterised by feelings of distress, subjective incompetence, helplessness and hopelessness within a stressful situation. These experiences may be particularly salient to women mothering infants. The relevance of demoralisation to postnatal mental health was reviewed. Its construct validity, prevalence, correlates, and response to treatment were examined among women in the postnatal period. Postnatal demoralisation was found to be a valid and relevant construct, distinct from depression, associated with negative postnatal experiences, and responsive to interventions focusing on psychoeducation and parental skill building. The utility of demoralisation would be in providing a more comprehensive understanding of women's postnatal experiences and in directing interventions towards helping women restore their sense of competence through skills building.