Data for: Evolutionary drivers of seasonal plumage colours: colour change by moult correlates with sexual selection, predation risk and seasonality across passerines

This data file contains the following data for passerine species:

- Seasonal plumage colours for males and females (presence/absence)

- Mating system (scored from 0-3: 0 = strict social monogamy, 1 = social monogamy with infrequent instances of social polygyny observed, 2 = social monogamy with regular facultative social polygyny, and 3 = obligate resource defence polygyny or lek polygyny)

- Paternal care (presence/absence)

- Sexual dichromatism

- Log body mass

- Percentage ground foraging (obtained from Wilman et al. 2014. Ecology, 95, 20–21)

- Percent tree cover within the breeding range

- Precipitation seasonality within the breeding range

- Temperature seasonality within the breeding range

- Migration status (0 = resident, 1 = partial migration and 2 = complete migration)

- Research effort (obtained from Ducatez and Lefebvre 2014. PLoS One, 9, e89955)

Species names (TipLabel) match those at For further details (including source references), please see the accompanying research article.