DEEPER FEELING, WIDER VISION Group M and the Moggs Creek Clickers

2018-02-15T03:51:31Z (GMT) by Philip Bentley
Group M was an association of principally amateur photographers active in Melbourne from 1959 until late 1960s. Imbued with a humanist intent, current in the post-warr period, they sought to use their work to help people better understand the world and each other. To achieve ths goal they worked predominantly in a documentary style, seeking to render their subjects naturally, and avoid the staged compostions and painterly effects of the earlier 'pictorialist' style, still favoured by the salons of the day. This thesis tells the story of Group M: its members, activities, philosophies and exhibitions. It also presents the tale of the social network out of which it grew, the unusually titled Moggs Creek Clickers. Whilst photography is its primary concern it also emcompasses wider notions relevant to post-war society in general and that in Melbourne in particular.