Conversion of lignocellulose to platform chemicals using a fluidised bed reactor

2019-05-28T05:31:20Z (GMT) by ANURAG PARIHAR
Biomass conversion to green platform chemicals like levoglucosenone and 5-chloromethyl furfural (5-CMF) is conducive to a sustainable future. This is the first study to demonstrate one-step conversion of biomass to levoglucosenone and 5-CMF in a scalable fluidised bed reactor technology. First, biomass was characterised and a laboratory scale fluidised bed reactor was designed and commissioned for thermo-catalytic process development. Next, a suitable catalyst was used for biomass conversion to chemicals. Critical process parameters were optimized to obtain high yield and selectivity. Finally, the thermo-catalytic reaction mechanism was investigated through synchrotron-based infra-red spectroscopy.