Consequences for the inadequately resourced expatriating family

2017-03-01T03:48:03Z (GMT) by Edwards, Scott
What is the impact of cultural adjustment on an individual's sense of coherence and how does this affect the equilibrium of the self-initiated expatriate family? What resources reinforce the cohesion and attachment within these families? In order to address the above issues the primary aim of the thesis was to investigate how expatriating family members accommodated the adjustment required of individuals and the family unit upon entering a new cultural setting. More Specifically the principal research topics examined were: • the impact of expatriation upon both an individual's sense of coherence and the equilibrium or cohesion and attachment within the expatriating family • the problems that arise from expatriation including the demands of adjusting to a new cultural setting • the coping mechanisms and resources, both internal and external, required to accommodate these problems and cultural challenges • the indirect or hidden costs of long term disturbance of an individual's sense of coherence and a family 's equilibrium and attachment.