Conceptualisations of DEATH in Rumi’s Mathnavi

2019-08-04T02:48:47Z (GMT) by SEPIDEH HOZHABROSSADAT
This dissertation investigates the concept of DEATH as put forward by Rumi in Mathnavi (complete six books, edited and translated by Nicholson, 2013) using the Cultural Linguistic’s framework (Sharifian, 2011, 2017) to provide an insight on the threefold focus of the study through its three research questions. First, it investigates cultural conceptualisations of DEATH in Mathnavi through relevant metaphors, schemas, and categories. Secondly, it explores cultural/spiritual traditions (e.g., Sufism, Proto Indo-Iranian Religion, etc.) that are reflected in Rumi's conceptualisations of DEATH. Finally, it provides a possible explanation of how Persianate Sufism has influenced Rumi.