Comparing Commissions, Inquests and Inquiries: Lessons from Processes Concerning Family Violence and Child Protection in Victoria

2020-06-04T10:31:27Z (GMT) by Anita Mackay Jacob McCahon
Inquisitorial processes such as royal commissions and parliamentary inquiries are regularly used in Victoria as a means of investigating a range of complex policy and legal problems or failings. This article provides an overview of the number and range of inquiries over the past decade (including under the new Inquiries Act 2014 (Vic)). It then undertakes a detailed analysis of recent commissions, inquests and inquiries concerning family violence and child protection. This focus is used to identify relevant themes for comparing commissions, inquests and inquiries, including the manner by which different processes gather evidence and allow for public participation. Based on the analysis of processes concerning family violence and child protection, some broader observations will be made about the advantages and disadvantages of each process for evidence-gathering and public participation.