2019-08-13T06:28:01Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
for Disklavier and grand paino.
dedicated to Mark Gasser.

Premiered by Mark Gasser, 'Man Machine Music' WAAPA October 2011.
Dan Thorpe, USA 2016; Stuart James, NIME 2016

"an overwhelmingly intense work" Realtime

" one of the loudest acoustic pieces I’ve heard in recent times and effectively pushed both man and machine to their limits, bringing the evening to a close in true rock and roll spirit." Sam Gillies, Realtime 107.

​This is work that explores and compares the possibilities of the human pianist with the mechanical piano. Being interested in noise and maximal musics, I was fascinated with the possibility of the mechanical piano to play all notes at once, or in larger ‘chunks’ – something a person would find difficult to do without mechanical assistance of some kind. The score is fed through a MaxMSP ‘reader’ for both pianos, but the disklavier uses MIDI messages to read it’s score. This piece sets human interpretation against the abilities of the machine, and is dedicated to Mark Gasser: the pianist who I think could get closest to proving humans are better. MaxMSP programming and player by Jarryd Bird and Stuart James.

Performance instructions:
Pedalling is signalled with the line on the right hand side: sustain pedal only: on or off.
Red can be played inside the piano.
Black is the loudest possible, shades get quiter (ie light grey is soft)
Read from left to right ie left side of score is low part of piano, right is high etc.
You can download the MaxMSP patch - which operates the disklavier and provides the score for the performer.