Characterising and Treating a Refined Model of Allergic Airways Disease that mimics the key features of Human Asthma

2019-03-13T22:15:49Z (GMT) by KRUPESH PATEL
This thesis established a refined model of chronic allergic airways disease (AAD) that incorporated epithelial damage as a component of its pathology, and hence better mimicked the progression of human asthma (Aim 1). Using this refined model it then evaluated the therapeutic potential of various individual (relaxin (RLX), trefoil factor (TFF)2, dexamethasone (DEX), amnion epithelial stem cell-derived exosomes (AEC-EXO)) and combination (RLX+TFF2, RLX+TFF2+DEX, RLX+AEC-EXO, RLX+AEC) treatment strategies (Aim 2 and Aim 3) for treating the three central components of asthma: airway inflammation, airway remodelling, and airway hyperresponsiveness.