Characterisation of the murine non-classical MHC I molecule, H2-Q10

2020-02-20T22:09:19Z (GMT) by ANGELA NGUYEN
The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) are a family of important molecules required for immunity. Our current understanding of MHC has mainly been dominated by studies into the archetypal or ‘classical’ MHC molecules. The non-classical MHC, despite their highly specialised functions, have remained comparatively understudied. This thesis explores the non-classical MHC molecule, H2-Q10, to characterise its functions within immunity and physiology. These findings uncover a new binding interaction between H2-Q10 and another immunological molecule and, through biochemical analysis, pinpoints regulators of this interaction. In addition, this thesis also demonstrates an additional non-immunological, but rather physiological, role of MHC.



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