Characterisation of RNA Binding Proteins TIA-1, TIAR and HuR Involved in Stress Granule Formation

2017-10-09T04:51:24Z (GMT) by SABOORA WARIS
When cells are subjected to stress (such as heat, oxidative conditions, viral invasion) one of the ways they protect themselves is by forming cytoplasmic granules called stress granules (SG) where they store RNA. This thesis presents studies of the RNA/DNA binding proteins, TIA-1 (T-cell restricted intracellular antigen-1) and HuR (Human antigen R) that bind to and escort RNA to SG. I have investigated how these proteins move between compartments in cells and how they act together to bind the RNA. Overall, understanding of SG biology could facilitate the development of therapeutic intervention against pathological SG formation in neurodegenerative diseases.