Built environment and transit use meta-analysis database

This database contains a subset of another online database compiled by the authors (1). The purpose of this database is to provide traceability over the source data and methodology used to estimate elasticities for the relationship between indicators of the built environment and transit use.

The 505 elasticity estimates contained in this workbook are sourced directly or derived using information available in 76 prior studies.

Main content
Overview - Complete index of database content, include calculation steps
Metadata - Index of column headers describing attributes and corresponding levels in 'Database'
Database - Database information for 505 data points from 76 studies. Study attributes and quantitative information relevant to screening and calculation steps is included.

Calculation steps
10_ Mean elasticities - Calculation of mean elasticities based on average of the weighted elasticities for data points of each indicator
11_results_summary - Summary of mean elasticity and significance level for each indicator
Sample_only Static table containing data for the 226 data points in the final sample

1 - Aston, Laura; Currie, Graham; Delbosc, Alexa; Kamruzzaman, MD; O'Hare, Tyler; Teller, David (2019): Built environment and transit use empirical research database. figshare. Dataset. Available on figshare: https://doi.org/10.26180/5c3fe01b7fd7e