Broken Approach

2019-08-13T05:57:29Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
For Vanessa Tomlinson

For bass drum kit, a.m. radio’s and wind up mechanisms.
Premiered 1 November, 2014 at the 8 Hits program, broadcast live on ABC Classic fm.
Featured on Cat Hope 'Ephemeral Rivers' CD, Hat[now]ART 200

Also performed in Perth, WA, June 2016, at University of WA, and USA

"The multi-coloured graphical score is a visual artwork in itself " Robert Lort. Read the full review here.

The percussionist uses a graphic score that outlines shapes that are drawn on instrument surfaces, or themes that are rendered spatially on each instrument and the kit as a whole. This work is made up of active sections, broken by static ‘rhythmic’ breaks that pause the forward non rhythmic motion in the piece, reversing the usual roles of rhythmic device. Wind up mechanisms, including clocks, tick away in the background, providing ‘alarms’ that wear down without breaking the onward motion. The score is presented ‘in motion’ on the Decibel ScorePlayer software, where it scrolls across a line indicating the point of performance. The piece was completed during a fellowship at Civitella Ranieri, in Umbria, Italy. This piece uses the Decibel ScorePlayer to read the score. Or you can play with the video of the score, featured below. For this you will need the instructions. A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.