Bibliography: Geoffrey Blainey

2016-08-29T23:56:01Z (GMT) by Grace Giannini
This bibliography is based on and updates Geoffrey Blainey : A Bibliography, by Anne Macaulay, Monash University Library, 1985. It aims to be the most comprehensive bibliography of works by and about Geoffrey Blainey to the year 2000. It attempts to include all the editions of Geoffrey Blainey's books, and in all formats produced, which in some cases has included motion pictures and video recordings. With the exception of "Letters", a very big representation of newspaper articles has been included for the peak topics in Geoffrey Blainey's work. The bibliography is arranged in two parts. Part 1, Works by Geoffrey Blainey, and Part 2, Works about Geoffrey Blainey. Each part includes a general section and broad topic areas entitled “The Themes”.

2001, 51 p.

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