Automatic Classification of Medical X-ray Images Using deep learning and Fusion technique

2019-08-16T00:30:46Z (GMT) by DAVID OLAYEMI ALEBIOSU
The study aim at classifying medical X-ray images into their respective categories with the employment of deep learning which is a machine learning technique. The motivation behind this study is to improve the classification accuracy of medical X-ray images in large databases at various hospitals and research centers. Previously the usage of various handcrafted techniques have been employed to classify the images. The handcrafted techniques have not been very effective because of their limitations in image feature extraction process. This study explored the employment of deep learning technique to alleviate the problem associated with handcrafted techniques in medical X -ray image automatic classification task. The end result of this study is to propose a more efficient and effective technique for medical X-ray image retrieval which will be of tremendous benefit in medical diagnosis, education and for research purposes.




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