An Investigation on Patrolling Swarms of UAVs

2019-12-30T04:49:13Z (GMT) by ALI MOLTAJAEI FARID
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are quickly becoming ubiquitous, largely driven by the commercialisation of consumer based UAV models. Many of these UAVs will adhere to local aviation laws, for example, observing predefined flight corridors, restricted airspace, operating away from populated areas and so on. However, it is anticipated a reasonable number of users will inevitably not obey the law. It is not known what regulations will be imposed on UAV usage in the future, or how the general population will seek to use them, but it is anticipated the need for systems that will be able to search for these UAVs, or specifically those not adhering to the local aviation laws. This research proposes a framework to address this perceived future need.