Police-involved deaths and homicides - data and analysis files

2019-10-31T10:03:35Z (GMT) by Tyler Lane
Analysis files and data for study of effect of police-involved civilian deaths on homicide rates. Includes csv of aggregated data homicide data for 21 US cities; an R project file; an R script for reproducible cleaning process; an interrupted time series analytical file, which also produces plots; and a meta-analysis file, which also produces forest plots.

To use:
Download all into one folder and open the R project file with R using RStudio. I have tried to make these fully functional on their own to maximise reproducibility. You will likely need to download packages (but RStudio should prompt you to the ones that are missing). Otherwise, everything should run out of the box!

I do not own the original data files from cities and UCR. While I have not included these case-level data, they are all publicly available and I have provided links. Milwaukee data are not publicly available, but I have secured permission from the custodians (Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission) to share the data in this project. I am happy to assist any interested researchers with getting the source data.