A task-based framework for supporting knowledge work practices

2016-09-16T00:20:15Z (GMT) by Burstein, Frada Linger, Henry
This paper examines the role of knowledge management and knowledge management systems (KMS) for supporting knowledge work. We argue that an organization benefits from knowledge management systems when it is focused on a specific task as knowledge is always task-specific and situated in the specific context in which the task is instantiated. Providing support for knowledge work at the task level complements the work practices of actors performing the task. Such a system supports extended functionality such as reasoning, memory aids, and explanation facilities and learning capability, amongst other facilities. A system with such capability can be defined Knowledge Work Support System. The paper discusses the task-based knowledge management approach at individual and organisational levels and describes its application to the strategy development at an International Bank.

Presented at: 3rd European Conference on Knowledge Management; 2002 Sep 24-25; Dublin, Ireland. p. 100-112.