A hierarchical classification approach to knowledge acquisition for a Case-Based Decision Support System

2016-09-15T05:13:11Z (GMT) by Burstein, Frada Smith, H. G. Sharma, R
Decision-makers are continually faced with situations which require reasoning and judgement. Eventually they form some rules-of-thumb based on their past decisions which they apply to new situations. A Case-Based Decision Support Systems (CBDSS) serves as a memory aid which increases consistency to decision making. The most arduous task of developing a CBDSS is knowledge acquisition for the case base. This paper proposes hierarchical classification as a knowledge level modelling technique from which to build a "seed" case base. This "seed" case base is structured for systematic expansion, allowing the decision-maker to incorporate new cases as they occur.

Presented at: International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications; 1998 Feb 9-11; Churchill, Australia. p. 173-179.