2017 Deppeler & Forlin Models of Support for students with high needs.pdf

2018-06-06T02:41:43Z (GMT) by Joanne Deppeler Chris forlin

This paper reports on a review of published academic research and publicly available material regarding ‘models of support’ for students with highly complex and challenging behaviours as well as students with very low academic functionality and/or highly complex medical or mental health conditions and/or physical challenges. The scope of this review was to report on models of support in inclusive education contexts internationally, but with a focus on Australia. It is acknowledged that inclusive education is generally applied in a much broader term as ‘education for all’ that considers the needs of any potentially marginalised students and the removal of barriers or obstacles that prevent them from accessing education. The terms of reference for this report, however, relate to students with the most complex needs that could include challenging behaviours; medical and health conditions; physical disabilities; and/or other multiple and complex needs that could potentially create barriers that would prevent them from accessing high quality education.