06. Children’s physical activities according to preschool student teachers’ creed

In this article, preschool student teachers’ thinking of young children’s physical activities is discussed. The study is based on individual “pedagogic creed” texts written by preschool student teachers at a university college in Bergen, Norway, in their first and third years of the educational program. Students describe in detail what they associate with the term physical activity and the formation qualities it possesses. The material is extensive and this article will focus on some of the findings, such as how students see children’s physical activity in connection to motor, social, and moral development. How the students’ perceive physical activity, as a component in a more holistic thinking of children and formation, is also part of the analysis, as well as their thinking of the role and responsibility of the teaching staff. We find that the arguments for physical activity are different, and students’ foci change during the education program, from an I and child perspective in their first year of the educational program, to a more reflective and academic perspective focused more on the role of the leader in their third year.